• Suzanne

Trenches, Septic, Wells and Water Tanks...

Updated: Jan 18, 2018

Oh my! The planning and organization that goes into a remodel of this scale takes lots of thought...and help. If you don't plan carefully you'll end up wondering later 'how do I get water to the garden below?'... and then its' too late! Keep in mind and list all future projects you see coming down the road, and put the infrastructure in FIRST. This house needed new septic lines and tank. At the same time, a deeper well was dug and two 2500 gallon water tanks installed for backup. All this needed to be connected to the front of the property, the second house next door, and below the main house to the future vegetable garden. Plus electrical, drainage and lighting were considered. Many trenches were dug across many acres. It was time consuming and grueling. And, it was all done by HAND.

The person who deserves the most credit for Knowlton Farms is this man, Adrian. Adrian has been a loyal partner in the creation of every part of KF. Between the two of us, decisions were made and executed. He is the heart of the farm to this day. Love you, Adrian!

Many holes, ready for electrical and water. Tanks going in to hold back up water supply for irrigating young vines, later planted in this very spot.

That handy orange spray can was a useful tool. Even with a plan sometimes the paint is easier to follow. English Laurel was planted as a hedge to break up the gardened areas and house from the parking and vineyard.

A freeway of pipe under the surface. Valves were placed at strategic intersections to allow for future watering needs.

It is always a big decision how far you go to 'tame' the land. There was always a conscious effort to keep open space for animals, birds and just the natural beauty of the Sonoma oaks and redwoods on the property. Gravenstein apples were trimmed and kept wherever possible.

While all this was in the planning and early stages I started my garden. These were very beautiful Echium Fastuosum that someone gave me to plant. These majestic plants are bi-annual in this area, and re-seed. I was thrilled with this success and couln't wait to install the garden I was dreaming about around the two houses.

More to come!